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4 May

Essay: Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

The paper will look in to the paradigm of the healing hospital and will aim to identify the various influences it has on the care giving process. Specifically, the paper will detail the components of a healing hospital and will establish its relationship with spirituality. It will then highlight the various challenges that are existent in creating a healing environment; in context with the barriers and complexities that are present in a hospital. Lastly, the paper will provide biblical reference(s) in support of the healing hospital paradigm, reinforcing its relation with spirituality.

The healing hospital paradigm focuses on the removal of stress factors and health threatening risks in a hospital environment, both for patients and visitors. These stress factors are many a times, a result of environmental factors and not the disease itself. For example, stress for patients can be generated through the painful therapeutic procedures, loss of social life, change in financial status because of health care expenditures etc.

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